Data de entrada: 27 de set. de 2022


To download QuickBooks 2022, follow these steps:

1.Go to the QuickBooks website by entering this URL into your browser: .com/download/

2.It will ask you a question to answer QuickBooks desktop or multiple user mode?

3.You have the select one option (yes, no, and not sure)

4.In the next step choose the country from where you are using QuickBooks software.

5.choose the latest version of QuickBooks 2022 you want to download.

6.After completing all the above steps, the search button will be visible and click on the search button to continue.

7.It will land you to the software page from where you can download the software according to your selected preference. Click on the download button.

8.It will ask you to choose the location you want to save your downloaded file.

9.Go to the downloaded file , now you are ready to install QuickBooks 2022.


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